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All Systems Go! Google AI Program Defeats Board Game Master

A Google computer program has defeated a Go master player in what has been hailed as a landmark moment for Artificial Intelligence.

Google’s AlphaGo program beat world renowned master of the board game, Lee Se-dol, by winning three games in a row in a best-of-five tournament.

Se-dol claimed the fourth game, with the fifth to be player on Tuesday 14th March. Developers have claimed the defeat is invaluable for the system in order to learn for its error.

Go, which has been played in China for thousands of years, was considered the holy grail of AI gaming due to the complexity of the game and the number of moves possible.

However, just like IBM Deep Blue’s defeat of chess champion Garry Kasperov in the 1970s, AI has once again proved victorious following a race between Facebook and Google to create the ultimate machine.

AlphaGo was developed by DeepMind, a British company purchased by Google in 2014.