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77.9% of Developers Open to New Job Opportunities

by Dan Strayer - almost 3 years ago

Considering a new role in Web Development? You’re not alone.

Web Developer

According to a survey of more than 50,000 Coders across the world by Tech community site Stack Overflow, 77.9% of respondents stated they were either actively seeking new employment or would be open to new opportunities if approached.

In the UK, 12.9% of Developers described themselves as active candidates, with an additional 60.2% not looking but would be happy to discuss potential roles if contacted by a company or a Recruiter.

Figures for the US are very similar (14.4% are active candidates, 60.4% class themselves as passive).

Competition for highly skilled IT and Technology professionals continues to grow. The EU predicts a shortfall of 1.3m unfilled jobs due to a lack of Technology professionals by 2020, and huge initiatives are being launched to get people of all ages into coding.

The survey addressed many aspects of Developers’ roles and lifestyles and discovered a number of interesting results:

  • The average developer worldwide is 29.6 years old (31 years old in the UK, 32 in the US).
  • The vast majority of Developers (28%) surveyed consider themselves Full Stack Web Developers.
  • A huge 69.1% of respondents stated that they were at least partly self-taught, with 13% claiming they are exclusively self-taught.
  • Many Developers then opted to attain a professional qualification, with 43% holding a BA or BS in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Most Developers rarely work remote (48.4%), but those who do are the happiest in their jobs.
  • JavaScript is the most popular coding language in 2016, followed by SQL (or SQL Server) and Java.
  • PHP is seemingly becoming less popular as languages such as Node and Angular emerge.
  • Rust is the most loved programming language, with 79.1% of developers who are developing with the language or tech and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with it.
  • There is a huge disparity between the genders of Developers. 92.8% of survey respondents were men.
  • The majority of female Developers around the world have between 2-5 years of experience (35.4%).
  • The majority of Developers work for organisations with between 20 and 99 employees.
  • Job satisfaction is highest in gaming, online and education industries – and lowest in Government, Telecommunications and Finance.
  • Younger Developers prefer Star Wars, whilst older Devs prefer Star Trek.


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