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10 Tips for Remote Working Success

by Elise Milburn - almost 2 years ago

Thanks to the internet, more and more people are choosing to work either partly or entirely remotely.

Here are Oscar Technology's Top 10 Tips for achieving remote working success!

While working remotely can be very convenient and stress-free, it brings a fresh set of challenges that must be overcome. With this in mind, here are Oscar's Top 10 Tips for achieving remote working success!

1. Think about your Workspace

Make sure that you set up an area that is dedicated to working. This should be free of distractions and interruptions. You wouldn't watch TV in the office, so why is remote working any different?

2. Is Everything Working?

This may seem obvious but it's important when remote working to check that any systems, programs or pieces of software that you need are all working properly. Similarly, ensure that any laptops and phones that you need are all charged and ready to go.

3. Get Dressed

While it's tempting to spend the day working in your pyjamas, actually getting washed and dressed in the morning can help put you into the right mindset for the day. This is also good preparation for if your manager suddenly requests a Skype call.

4. Figure Out your Work Schedule

Without other members of a team around you, it can be difficult to keep track of time, and this may result in a loss of productivity. Be sure to create a schedule and a to-do-list daily that mirrors your traditional working day.

5. Remember to Take Breaks

Would you normally take a 10-minute break in the office? Then make sure you take that 10-minute break at home! It's healthy and in the long-term more productive to get up, move around or even go for a quick walk every hour or so.

6. Do Not Disturb

At the office, it's easy to put headphones in or shut your door to signal to colleagues that you don't want to be disturbed, but this becomes more difficult when working remotely. Make sure you tell the office when you can and can't be interrupted with your work, minimising disruptions. It's also a good idea to let family and friends know as well.

7. Plan for Social Interaction

When in the office there's plenty of people to talk to and interact with, but sometimes it can get a bit lonely working remotely. Be sure to spend some face-to-face time with someone during the day or, at the very least, check social media to see what's happening outside of the work "bubble" - just don't get sucked into hours of scrolling through Twitter! Remember, you are still at work.

8. A Change of Scene

Working at home doesn't necessarily mean "working from home" - the beauty of remote working is being able to work almost anywhere as long as there's an internet connection. If you're remote working for an extended period of time, consider moving to a coffee shop or library to change up your scenery every so often. Places such as Starbucks, Costa, McDonald's and even some shopping centers have free WiFi, so even if it's only for an hour, it's sometimes good to get out of the house.

9. Don't Become Invisible

When working remotely it's important to stay well connected with colleagues and managers throughout the day. Regular communication is key to ensure that the correct work is getting done and will also make it easier for you to transfer back to the office when the time comes.

10. Remember to Switch Off!

If your working day ends at 5 pm, working from home ends at 5 pm. It's important to remember that, as well as a workspace, your home is also meant for relaxation. When your working day ends, leave your designated workspace and shut the door.

Remote working can be great for those looking for a more flexible career option and will change for different people depending on the situation. The key to working at home, whatever the circumstances, is planning, and hopefully with our Top 10 Tips this has become a little easier.

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