Black Friday 2017: Mobile vs Desktop

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It's that time of year again! Unmissable deals, fantastic bargains and the crush of people - it must be Black Friday!

But is the desperate stampeding through shopping malls soon to be a thing of the past? Year on year, consumers have started to adopt a more relaxed and far less crowded approach to the Black Friday deals on offer, and with the ensuing Cyber Monday gathering popularity, the reality is that online shopping on desktop and mobile devices is taking over.

This visualisation from App Institute shows what 24 hours of intense online shopping looks like across the day from Black Friday 2016 and predictions of shopping today.

Powered by AppInstitute

Black Friday Online Spending 2016

Powered by AppInstitute

Black Friday Online Spending 2017


The visualisations are intended to show the rate and volume of spending throughout the day using data from more than 60,000 consumer apps. They reflect a healthy increase in spending on Black Friday year on year (2016 saw a 12% boost compared to 2015).

In 2016, there were higher levels of internet traffic on Black Friday than Cyber Monday and internet traffic was 251% higher than any other day in November. From the visualisations, it's clear that predicted online spending in 2017 is set to smash these numbers.

The predictions from this year also make it clear that mobile spending is on the rise. In fact, they are by far the most popular electronic device, beating both laptops and tablets. In 2016, smartphone spending saw a 47% year on year sales growth, underpinning last year's rise in total online sales. This is predicted to increase further this year.

Despite the rise of online shopping on Black Friday, shoppers still flock in their thousands to the nearest mall to grab the best deals. Black Friday is now a truly global phenomenon, with Europe, Australia and parts of Asia all taking part.

Black Friday can only continue to grow from here - so go out there and bag some bargains while you can!

Source: App Institute

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