Agency vs. Client-side- Do you know your agency from your in-house marketing?

by Elise Milburn - 26 days ago

Perhaps you already work in the digital sector or are looking to make your first move. No matter what point you are at in your career, there are a number of options in pursuing your next role. For example, deciding between a role in an agency or in-house needs consideration - a lot of professionals have experience in both, but choosing the one that is right for you is key. Let’s start with the basics; working in client-side marketing, which is also known as in-house marketing, means being employed by the company directly whereas those that work for agencies are not.

Your responsibilities

Client-side: Individuals that work client-side are the shop window of the business. They must know their company inside out in order to come up with exciting and new ideas on a regular basis. Working closely and having strong internal relationships with stakeholders is crucial. They will be your bread and butter with information and ideas.

Agency: Multitasking at its finest! The role can be more demanding as you are likely to be working on a number of projects for multiple clients. Having strong relationships with your clients is the focus of agency-side work. Adhering to their needs in line with the marketing plan and goals set out as well as keeping to the set deadlines. 

Career opportunities

Client-side: This will completely depend on the size of the company and thus the size of the marketing team. A smaller business may mean you are the first marketeer joining them and that’s the perfect opportunity to set out your own career path. In a larger company, you may have a well-defined career path set out for you with the chance to learn from those with tons of experience under their belts!


Agency: Because of the fast-paced nature of agency work and especially if it’s a larger business, you can progress quite quickly within an organisation. Moving onto bigger roles with more responsibility in a short time frame if you show the skill, experience and determination!



Client-side: Not sure what area of digital marketing tickles your fancy yet? Working in-house provides an overview and subsequently a broader knowledge of the areas of digital marketing but they may not be as in-depth as an agency would provide.


Agency: Joining a team of specialists means there tend to be more people to learn from. It’s a great place to start your career and build on your skill-sets. You can gain a deeper knowledge of one specialist area such as SEO or PPC.



Client-side: Working hours are more likely to be the classic 9 to 5. However, depending on the industry and projects you’re working on, these hours can be longer; The internet never sleeps! If there’s an issue with your social media channels or those blogs haven’t posted on the website, you may have to be more flexible with your working hours!

Agency: Agency tends to offer more flexible start and finish times as well as options to work from home. While there certainly can be long hours involved in order to hit those all-important deadlines, it’s becoming increasingly less common on a day-to-day basis.


Client-side: Traditionally and more often working in-house directly for an employer could get you a higher salary than an agency with some comprehensive and very appealing benefits for you and your family.

Agency: More recently though, agencies have realised they need to step it up and are offering some competitive salaries and unique benefits to employees, offering that work-life balance.


Client-side and agency are becoming increasingly more comparable, especially within digital. The market changes rapidly with companies looking to do things differently more and more! The main decision you will need to make is whether you want to work for one brand in one industry or across multiple brands in different industries. Your character will fit with one, the other or both in your career!


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