Why Now Is a Great Time to Hire Digital Talent- Charlotte Humphries

by Elise Milburn - about 1 month ago

It may have been a strange year so far, but that doesn’t mean everything has to grind to a halt in terms of recruitment. In fact, now is probably one of the best times to hire.


Hello! My name is Charlotte Humphries, and I recently joined Oscar as a Managing Consultant to lead the Oscar Digital brand, to support clients with recruitment solutions in MarTech, design and creative disciplines across the North West.


We’ve all heard the phrase “the future is digital”, but that’s a little outdated now because the future has arrived! When it comes to recruitment this is a key area for all businesses, no matter what industry they are in. 


I have over five years’ experience in digital marketing recruitment, and when I first started out I was focused on performance marketing roles within media agencies in London. Following this, I launched a regional office in Manchester covering all digital roles in the North West to great success.


Now I’m working at Oscar, I’ll be covering all digital roles in the North of England. This will include PPC, paid social, SEO, programmatic, media planning and buying roles, AV and client services both agency-side and in-house - the list goes on!

What Does ‘Digital’ Cover?

We often get asked what “digital” actually covers, and here at Oscar, we specialise in helping both candidates and clients, in-house and agency-side, with PPC, SEO, paid social, programmatic and affiliate backgrounds. But we don’t stop there. If your business has any specific digital needs that I haven’t mentioned, get in touch and I will be able to help you find exactly the right person, or people, to fit your team. We work on roles at all levels, from Graduate to Head of Department, all over the North West and Yorkshire.


The skillsets needed for digital roles are quite extensive, and depending on the role itself, some digital experience can be transferred over into a new position. If you are looking for a new digital role and would like to discuss your options, I’d be more than happy to help you find your next challenge. Ideally, a lot of businesses are looking for experts with experience working for an agency in either a PPC, SEO, said Social or programmatic role. But, no matter what your specialism is, Oscar will be able to help you find your next digital position.

Should businesses hire now?


Absolutely - now is a brilliant time to hire. There’s been some uncertainty around recruitment over the past few months, but the digital sector is always evolving and adapting. A lot of companies are investing in remote working and expanding their digital presence, hence why now is the perfect time to recruit digital talent.


Proficient digital marketing specialists can be hard to come by. Often businesses are left with gaps in their teams for months while they search for someone with the right skillset. At the minute, there is some fantastic talent in the market, and companies would normally have to wait months to find these people (not to mention being in strict competition with other businesses to attract them.) If you know you need to hire someone into your team before the end of the year, don’t wait - act now!

Get in touch

Whether you’re a business looking to hire the best digital talent in the North West, or a candidate looking for your next digital role, Oscar will be able to help find the best fit for you. Give me a call, send me an email or a message on LinkedIn, and let’s discuss your next steps! 



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