The Technology Industry's Bounceback

by Elise Milburn - 7 months ago

The Technology Industry's Bounceback

2020, what a year for technology. All of those Zoom calls, contactless payments and QR codes coming into their own.

2020 has been a trying time for not only the technology industry but for the economy as a whole. However, technology has been championed as a strong support for business recovery, and now the industry looks to new growth into 2021.

New evidence has shown that the tech sector is now the UK’s leading economic recovery, with an incredible 36% increase in jobs advertised between June and August. Throughout periods of uncertainty, it looks as though the UK technology sector is going to lead the way, as businesses look to hire more tech talent once again.


Where has the increase in tech jobs come from?

As we enter Q4 2020, the need for technology talent is on the rise. In short, the more people who are working from home means the greater needs for digital expertise and technological advancements. Throughout 2020 we have relied on laptops, smartphones, and video conferencing software more than ever before, meaning that the demand for professionals in the UK who specialise in tech and digital is only going to continue to increase.

Whilst lockdown restrictions may begin to lift, almost half of the UK workforce is still working from home, meaning the ability to work from home supports the continued demand for tech and digital talent.

Where are the most tech jobs available in the UK?

Tech Nation reported that the UK tech sector advertised more than 90,000 jobs per week in August 2020 - but where are they all based?

London is still a key hub for tech talent not only due it to being the location of so many huge corporations, but also due to the median salary for tech professionals being an impressive £55,000. That being said, Manchester is still Europe’s fastest-growing major tech cluster, and the demand for tech talent in the North West of England is growing quickly.

Bristol is also a major tech hub in the UK, with the city seeing the biggest increase in tech salaries in the country. Other major cities in the UK on the lookout for tech and digital talent include Oxford, Cambridge, Belfast, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham.

What type of tech and digital jobs are in demand?

According to the recent AWS report highlighting the importance of cloud computing in the UK economy, businesses are now rushing to recruit cloud experts. Software developer is the most in-demand role sought by employers, making up 6% of all digital roles advertised in the UK. At Oscar, we have also seen a surge in the need for Software Engineers, Web Developers, Mobile App Developers, Web Designers, SEO Specialists, PPC Specialists and Marketing Managers.

So, if you are a business looking to hire, or a candidate looking for a new role, now is the time to advertise or apply.

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