Do IT Contractors care about company culture?

by Leilani Janchote - 12 months ago

Are IT contractors really bothered about joining in with the company culture?

Some people suggest that the nature of contractors’ working patterns can make it difficult for them to feel a part of any workplace culture, as they’re only with a company for a short time.

Though many in the industry seem to say they don’t care, Oscar’s IT recruitment specialists have found that both contractors and their hiring managers see company culture as an important part of joining a business.

To settle the argument, we asked IT contractors and their hiring managers that follow our LinkedIn and Twitter channels for their views on this debate via Polls.

- 60% of contractors agreed that a good culture was important to them, whilst 24% said that it wasn’t important to them and only 10% believed that it was hard to get involved in the company culture.

- 81% of hiring managers also agreed that workplace culture was important and only 14% said that it wasn’t.

Developing a good company culture is an essential tool for successful organisations. It keeps team members motivated and excited, regardless of whether they’re an permanent employee or not. What’s more it’s important to recognise the benefits that contractors bring to an organisation and to treat them as people.

Many of our clients ask us for advice on how to elevate their cultures and their employer brands so that they can use it to help attract the best IT contractors in their industries.

So, here is how you can improve your company culture:

- Open communication: Outline your expectations for contractors and demonstrate that you are open to them sharing their ideas and keep consistent communication.

- Check in regularly: Take the time and get to know your IT contractors, these discussions foster mutual trust and make your contractors feel like they're part of a team.

- Provide feedback: Even though contractors do not receive official performance assessments, they will value comments on the work they have completed. This can provide them with the confidence they need to keep delivering high-quality work.

- Stay connected: Invite contractors to corporate events and include them in meetings to make them feel like they're a part of the team. Keep in contact even after they have moved on from the business, you never know, you may need them again.

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