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    Driving Diversity at Work: Debugging 'Brogrammer' culture's negative impact in the workplace.

    Leilani Janchote

    In the rapidly evolving tech industry, a specific culture has emerged known as "brogrammer" culture. This culture is characterized by a hyper-masculine, exclusive, and often discriminatory environment that negatively impacts diversity at work, including the LGBTQA+ community and other minority groups.

    ‘Brogrammer’ culture reinforces gender stereotypes, objectification, and discriminatory behavior, creating an exclusionary atmosphere. This can result in feelings of isolation, decreased job satisfaction, and limited opportunities for professional growth among affected individuals, further perpetuating the challenges faced in fostering diversity at work. 

    To address this issue and drive diversity at work, here are three key strategies on how to tackle ‘Brogrammer’ culture:  

    • Foster Inclusive Leadership - Leaders must set the tone by actively embracing diversity in the workplace, advocating for equality, and creating a safe space where everyone feels valued and respected. This involves implementing inclusive policies, promoting diversity in hiring practices, and providing training for all employees. 
    • Establish a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Discrimination - Creating a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination is essential in eradicating brogrammer culture. Regularly educate employees on what constitutes discriminatory behavior, the consequences, and the resources available for support. 
    • Promote Employee Resource Groups  - Employee resource groups (ERGs) play a vital role in combating brogrammer culture. These groups provide a platform for LGBTQA+ and minority individuals to share experiences, offer mentorship opportunities, and advocate for necessary changes within the organization. 

    Combatting brogrammer culture and fostering diversity at work is an ongoing process that requires commitment and concerted effort from organizations and individuals alike. Embracing diversity not only enriches the professional experience for all employees but also drives innovation, creativity, and success in the tech industry and beyond.

    If your organization is looking to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQA+ and minority groups to thrive, our tech recruiters are always on hand to give you the right advice. Get in touch today.

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