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    Elevating Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment

    Cortlynn Danby

    Integrating diversity and inclusion (D&I) into the core of an organization's culture and recruitment strategy is paramount. Merging insights from our dedicated DE&I-focused recruiter, Jess Sutcliffe, with actionable strategies shared by former EVP of Engineering, Priya Thinagar, this presents a harmonized approach to enhancing D&I in the workplace. Outlined below is a strategy that fosters a more inclusive and diverse corporate environment by weaving together practical recruitment practices with broader D&I goals.

    Building a Representative Interview Panel πŸ’»

    Achieving workplace diversity starts at the interview level. Ensuring the panel reflects societal diversity enriches the recruitment process with a variety of perspectives, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity from the outset. Candidates seeing a commitment to diversity firsthand can more easily envision their place within the team, enhancing their sense of belonging and value.

    Transforming Job Descriptions βœ…

    Moving job descriptions from bullet-point lists to engaging narratives attracts a broader and more diverse pool of candidates. This narrative style shifts away from a "checklist mentality," encouraging applicants from various backgrounds to see their potential fit beyond conventional criteria. Highlighting the role's impact and the desired candidate attributes in a story-like format invites individuals to envisage their contributions and aligns with efforts to remove barriers for diverse candidates, emphasizing a recruitment process that values different perspectives.

    Embracing Salary Transparency πŸ’°

    Transparency regarding salary ranges demonstrates respect for candidates' time and a commitment to fairness and equality. This openness is a testament to an organization's dedication to an equitable recruitment process, establishing a foundation of honesty and trust. It aligns with the objective of attracting candidates who are not only a good fit for the role but who are also in sync with the company's values and D&I commitment.

    A Unified Approach to D&I πŸ³β€πŸŒˆ

    These recruitment practices, combined with broader D&I strategies, form a synergistic approach to fostering inclusivity and diversity within organizations. Having diverse representation on interview panels, transforming job descriptions, and being transparent about salaries are interconnected strategies that bolster each other. This cohesive method reflects the inclusive culture that leaders advocate for, where diversity is a core value driving innovation, creativity, and growth.

    To learn more about Oscar’s D&I efforts, please reach out to Jessica Sutcliffe (
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