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Database Development & Administration Jobs

With the volumes of data attained by companies constantly increasing, Oscar has successfully placed talented candidates in various roles responsible for developing, administrating and maintaining databases, and integrating them with other systems.

Our experience in Database Development and Administration means we have a firm grasp of market trends and the skills required for each job brief - meaning we're ideally placed to find and recommend a role based on your abilities and requirements.

Most Database Development positions will require the candidate to possess knowledge of Transact SQL (T-SQL), PL/SQL and VBA in order to utilise applications such as SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

The Database Administrator’s responsibilities will often include database installations, configurations, maintenance, security, back-ups, restores and upgrades.

We recruit for a range of roles across the Database Development & Administration industry:

  • Database Developers
  • Production / Development Database Administrators
  • Database Managers / Officers