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Diversity and Inclusion: What Next?

Diversity and Inclusion: What Next?

As a Manchester based Tech Recruitment Specialist, Oscar Technology is committed to helping their clients adopt a more diverse recruitment strategy.

This is why we organised and hosted three workshop events last month on Diversity and Inclusion, focusing on Education, Recruitment and Retention. The Workshops were a great success and this is an update on where we are so far.

"Very interesting event, the fact it was set up as a workshop meant it was a valuable way to share best practice and hear what other businesses are doing well." Kate Wood, Director of Culture - Chess ICT.

Originally, we were simply looking to raise awareness of the challenges faced by organisations who were trying to adopt a more diverse recruitment strategy. What has come out of the events since has frankly blown us away! It’s a wonderful example of how individuals from different organisations, with common goals can come together and achieve something amazing.

These individuals include Rebecca Rae-Evans (The Federation), Emma Grant (Manchester Digital), Lauren Coulman (Noisy Cricket), Kim Witten (Sage), Naomi Timperley, Harry Bailey (Human Software) and Fay Schofield (The Brooke), organisations including our company Oscar Technology, The Federation, Manchester Digital and The Co-Op who helped bring all of this together.

"It was a great event and showed energy and commitment from everyone to do more in this space and work together." Dinah Turner

As a direct result…

  • We now have a community of organisations and individuals from Greater Manchester that is working to improve diversity and inclusion in the tech sector.
  • We have a Vision - Working with opportunity and acceptance for all.
  • We have a Mission - Normalising an inclusive tech industry.
  • We have brought together 100 plus people, including Oscar Technology clients, HR Managers, Diversity Leaders, CEO’s, Founders and Directors. Organisations like The BBC, Thoughtworks, The Co-op, Rentalcars, Autotrader, McCann Manchester, Chess ICT, Northcoders, and Laterooms. Everyone shared their collective knowledge, everyone had a voice.
  • We have truly brilliant facilitators and drivers, with no egos or personal agendas lend their personal time, they helped bring the workshops and vision to life, steer the conversation and now map the outcomes.
  • We also now have a website created by Harry Bailey of Human Software, where - in the future - anyone can access the outcomes of these workshops and will act as a central repository for everything an organisation might need to start out and create an inclusive culture and adopt a more diverse recruitment and retention strategy.

Thank-you so far to Rebecca Rae of the Federation, Kim Witten of Sage, Dinah Turner, Vimla Appadoo, Lauren Coulman, Emma Grant of Manchester Digital, Fay Schofield, Naomi Timperley, Annette Joseph of The Co-Op and Harry Bailey of Human Software. You have all helped make this a reality and helped create so much more than what Rebecca and I first envisioned.

If Diversity and Inclusion is something you’re passionate about or responsible for, then please get in touch, get involved and spread the word. Oscar Technology are committed to continuing to support this initiative in anyway we can, from supporting our clients and advising on how they can adopt a more diverse recruitment strategy to continuing to support similar events throughout the UK.

In the future Diversity and Inclusion will not be a ‘thing’ or a ‘box to tick’, it will just be normal and accepted, that’s what we’re aiming for and where we’re heading.

Oscar Technology is an award-winning recruitment agency delivering the brightest talent across the IT and Technology markets. We are committed to helping our clients achieve and go beyond basic diversity requirements when it comes to recruiting Technology based staff for their businesses. To find out more visit

Sam Mikkelsen is Client Solutions Director for Oscar Technology. Sam is responsible for developing Oscar’s existing client relationships as well as ensuring new clients receive the best solutions to suit their business from day one. Sam also has responsibility for initiating new solutions and service lines and has a strategic view on all things recruitment, regularly attending industry events so that Oscar are continually at the bleeding edge of ever-evolving recruitment innovation.

Sam has worked in recruitment since 1996 working for one of the biggest IT recruiters in Europe and went on to lead the startup of two IT recruitment businesses. Prior to joining Oscar, Sam spent 3.5 years working internally with a software company helping them to launch a web-based software solution to media and advertising agencies throughout the UK, Australia and the US, giving him a strong understanding of the internal workings of the technology industry. If you’re interested in contributing to future blogs or would like to get involved in any of our events for 2018 please get in touch with Sam directly 07854 245 390 /