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How the iPhone Surpassed the Mac - Just How Powerful is the New iPhone X?

The A11 Bionic System on a chip (or SoC) on the newly announced iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, is more powerful than the most up-to-date MacBook Pro models according to research by Geekbench.

This comes from a series of benchmark tests made by Geekbench, which test a chip's ability to manage speed and also address the chip's cores and calculates how long it takes for them to complete a task.

In the past, manufacturers have prioritised the optimisation of single cores, as generally, a lot of activities on a phone don't require multiple operations to occur simultaneously.

Recently though, as apps have become bigger and more complex, manufacturers have favoured multi-core processors in their phones.

This is exactly what's happened with the iPhone X and 8. The A11 Bionic has two extra cores, as well as an Apple-designed processing unit and a dedicated neural engine, designed to work with FaceID on the iPhone X.

Compared to the A10, used on previous generations of iPhones, the A11 has increased single-core performance by 25%. This new SoC has a multi-core with so much power that it scored higher than the Intel Core i5 that belongs to the new MacBook Pro.

Interestingly, the iPhone 8 scored better than both the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. This is mostly due however to the larger and more pixel-packed screens of the Plus and the X which are more demanding on the SoC.

This is partly what happens when making comparisons to the MacBook, which also has a significantly larger screen that contains more pixels. Regardless of this however, the fact that an iPhone can now compete with a MacBook is a great feat of engineering for Apple.

This impressive achievement could be largely due to the way Apple controls it's SoCs. From the software they power to the hardware they run inside, Apple controls everything about the process. When compared to its competitors, Apple can be seen in leading the way for home-made SoCs.

With graphics-intensive technologies, such as augmented reality becoming more popular, all manufacturers - not just Apple - should be considering a move to highly powered SoCs if they are to stand the test of time.

Source: Tech Insider UK

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