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Infographic: The Most Impactful Invention by State

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

The Big States

Here are some of the important inventions from the 'big' states in America. These are the states that dominate the country in terms of GDP and population.


The iPhone, one of the biggest communication inventions within the last 10 years, is credited to Steve Jobs and Apple Engineers in California. California can also be thanked for inventing the popsicle, WD-40, hula-hoops and many other digital inventions from Silicon Valley.


The credit card, credited to Frank McNamara, is perhaps the most famous invention to come out of the Empire State, but others include Jell-O, toilet paper, potato chips, and air conditioning.


The electric typewriter, ancestor of the PC, came out of Texas. A variety of food inventions also have Texas to thank, including corndogs, chili, frozen margaritas and even fajitas, which are allegedly Texan.

While these states may have become famous because of their inventions, other states in the US have also made some incredible contributions to the modern economy.

Ohio and Michigan can both claim automobile inventions; the first gas-powered automobile and the invention of the assembly line respectively.

In terms of computing, the first digital computer was first built in 1937 in Illinois. Oregon lays claim to the first computer mouse, and the first IBM PC was made in Florida. Not forgetting that the World Wide Web was also invented in the US, in Massachusetts.