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There are lots of areas within the IT industry where people are looking for work and we see the trends as they change and new exciting things emerge.

It has been highlighted that computer games graduates from Staffordshire University, the University of Portsmouth and Sheffield Hallam are among the most employable in the country, according to the industry report from TIGA, the UK Game Industry accreditation association. This report reveals insights into 17 of the Best University Games courses around the country. TIGA’s University Accreditation scheme aims to support universities, students and studios in preparing the next generation of game making talent, and the report reveals that up to 67% of graduates on TIGA accredited courses have found success directly in the job market. 17 Computer Games courses have been awarded the accreditation this year, including those from universities such as; Anglia Ruskin (1 course), Bournemouth University (1 course), Portsmouth University (2 courses), Sheffield Hallam University (3 courses), University of the West of England (1 course), Staffordshire University (7 courses) and City University of London (2 courses). For four of these universities, over 50 per cent of graduates are securing jobs within the games industry:

  • 50 per cent of students on City University of London’s MSc Computer Games Technology
  • 61 per cent of students on the University of Portsmouth’s BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology course
  • 56 per cent of Sheffield Hallam’s BSc Game Software Development
  • 67 per cent of graduates on Staffordshire University’s BEng (Hons) Computer Gameplay Design and Production

We try and work directly with employers who are increasing the number of graduates that they are taking into the work place. We don’t just try and fill a space we want to help build a career for the graduate and our relationships helping to build your grass roots employees and strengthen your company. At Oscar we are aware of the benefit of getting the best graduates and know what to look for as is in our own DNA and helped us grow over the years.

TIGA CEO, Dr Richard Wilson, said:

“The UK needs its studios to be backed by quality graduates from universities and know the current need of the game industry. To make that happen, collaboration between industry and educators is essential.

"The TIGA University Accreditation system was introduced to recognise the very best undergraduate and postgraduate courses, enabling both prospective students and game developers to identify those courses that are producing industry-related graduates, while strengthening the bond between industry and educators.

"Through decades of hard work and devotion, the UK leads the world when it comes to game industry creativity, technology, innovation and best practise. Equally our report shows that we are home to a number of the world’s finest universities, many of whom are already educating some of the finest game talent available.”

Dr Mark Eyles of the University of Portsmouth and TIGA’s Education Advisor added:

“There is always room to improve the prospects of the next generation of game makers, while assuring that UK studies have a plentiful supply of suitably trained future staff. With that in mind we developed the TIGA Accreditation Scheme to recognise and support universities in getting game education right. Equally, TIGA Accreditation pools industry insight and recommendations to make sure there is a clear match between course content and industry needs. The more universities that seek TIGA Accreditation, the greater the benefits for students, educators, and game makers across the UK.”

We sat down with one of our Senior Consultants, Heather, to discuss the demand for computer games graduates:

Have you noticed an increase in demand for graduates with a gaming degree?

Game developers in general, not just exclusively graduates, have risen in demand since 2016 – and with the video games industry set to grow further, there’s little chance that this demand will decrease. For graduates, this boom provided them with plenty of job opportunities and there’s a great deal of employers looking to hire the next best talent!

Are gaming degrees becoming more popular amongst applicants to Oscar?

Again, because of the growth in the video games industry, there has been an increase of applicants with some form of game development degree, but it’s important to note that digital skills (gaming, film making and web development) are all becoming much more attractive degree options as businesses continue to become more creatively and digitally driven.

Are you a recent graduate looking to get your start within the games industry? Take a look at the roles we have available and contact one of our team of experts to help find the right company for you!




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