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Meet Our Graduates - Alex Bloomer

What do you think makes a successful recruiter?

This industry ahead of any really is a testament to the notion that hard work pays off so for me it’s just a case of sticking with it, remaining positive and challenging yourself everyday to be better than you were the day before. It also helps massively if you’re competitive and hate losing.

What’s your favourite part about working for Oscar/ what do you enjoy most about your role?

My favourite part about working here mainly is the people who I would consider to all be part of my peer group, irrespective of seniority. We all get on really well and have a good culture in the office whereby the Directors are just as approachable as every one else in the business.

The most enjoyable thing about my role is the financial gain at the end of the process – that’s why we go to work afterall!

How has Oscar / the School of Excellence helped develop your career?

The School of Excellence and general support infrastructure at Oscar was a major factor in my decision to come and work here as I hadn’t received much formal training in my last role and felt that impacted my progress hugely.

Training is an on-going commitment made by the business and is delivered through various channels with constant reinforcement throughout, through daily role plays, group scenarios and one to one sessions.

It’s definitely played a pivotal role in my progression to date and will continue to benefit me in my on-going progression throughout my career here.

What makes working for Oscar different to other recruitment agencies?

The biggest difference for me, especially on the permanent side, was the high-expectation culture which drives everyone on here to achieve and succeed on a daily basis. This is supported by an excellent training programme as well so you’re given the right tools to ensure that expectations are met.

This also set Oscar apart from previous companies that I have worked for, and also other companies that I have interviewed with.

What was the interview process like?

As an experienced hire, the interview process was actually quite quick and straight forward for me. Saying that though, we had spent enough time in interview for me to get a good feel for the company, the culture, the environment and the people.

I was interviewing with a number of recruitment companies at the time but Oscar really stood out due to the atmosphere, the training/support infrastructure and the high-expectation culture which drives achievement.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a career with Oscar?

Firstly I’d have a good think about your reasons for wanting to get into recruitment and whether you’re willing to do what ever it takes to achieve your financial and personal goals as it can be a tough industry at times.

If those reasons are right and you have the drive to succeed then I don’t think there are many better environments out there to support you in building a long, successful career in recruitment.

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