Neil - IT Director

Consultant: Melissa Houghton

The Challenge

Led Hut required an experienced Magento Developer to support their e-commerce expansion to several countries across the world. It was integral for them to find a developer who could hit the ground running to allow them to take online payments from several different countries as quickly as possible and continue to develop their online journey to be as efficient as possible for customers.

From working in my market for over three years, Mel knew how rare it was to find an experienced permanent Magento Developer in the North West area, so she suggested to the client that we may need to look at a relocation package for the right candidate with all the skills and experience required. The client agreed this would be possible to offer for the right candidate as the role was so important to the ongoing growth of the business.

With this in place, Mel was then able to expand my search further to consider candidates from across the UK who would be open to relocating to Manchester. This did come with its challenges, as she realised within the whole of the UK, the Magento market was minimal due to this being such a niche skill set.

What We Did

After being unsuccessful in my search for a candidate in the UK matching the client’s requirements, she suggested a solution may be to expand our search even further to candidates outside of the UK after researching the availability of candidates in other countries with the Magento skill set.

Within 24 hours of exploring this solution, Mel was able to successfully identify a candidate based in Berlin who had been working in a very similar working environment specialising in Magento with over 6 years e-commerce development experience. He had always had motivations to move to the UK but as of yet hadn't explored opportunities available.

After Mel introduced the CV to the client, they worked together to quickly arrange initial interviews via Skype followed by arranging a meeting/interview with the client and the candidate in Berlin, as the candidate was still in employment in Berlin and unable to travel to the UK until successfully securing a role.

The Results

Following two interviews the client was very keen to move forward and offer the candidate the role of Magento Developer with a relocation package to move to Manchester. It was Mel's role to negotiate the candidate’s salary and relocation package to ensure he was happy considering he was moving to another country. Mel also assisted him in locating accommodation within the area and kept in regular contact ahead of and after his start date to ensure everything was moving along smoothly.

Without exploring this solution of considering candidates outside of the UK it would have been very difficult to source a candidate with a similar level of experience within the client’s budget. This would have been a significantly longer process resulting in the business not being able to support their growth and loosing out on the expanding customer base.

For the client the placement of an experienced Magento Developer allowed them to be able to increase the team size even further and hire Junior Developers now they had the support and experience in place of a senior team member. It also saved them a significant amount of expense as they had previously had a daily rate contractor in place due to the urgency of the role being business critical.

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