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At Oscar, we understand how important it is to find the candidate who will automatically become a valuable long-term asset to your company.

We have worked with large organisations and SMEs across the globe to successfully fill a wide cross section of vital technology jobs across the IT and Technology industry.

Every business’ needs are unique, so our Permanent Recruitment Team will tailor their service to your exact requirements and timescale.

We believe it’s the knowledge, honesty and integrity of our staff that sets us apart from any other Recruitment Consultancy. Our consultative approach means that you get a partner for your recruitment needs to advise and guide you on the specifics of each role.

When you contact Oscar, you will be directed to a Consultant who is a trained recruitment specialist in the technology and location you are looking to recruit for.

By fully understanding the roles and responsibilities of your vacancy, we can quickly identify what skills, experience and personality your ideal candidate must possess, and give you expert advice on areas such as salary expectations and notice periods.

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Our reputation is only as good as the candidates we recommend.

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"Oscar were more than accommodating to demanding roles that we worked on; successfully placing together at varying levels.

They understood the needs of the roles perfectly which made recruitment very efficient and effective."

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