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Retained and Executive Search

Executive Search Recruitment

A new appointment in a senior, executive or highly specialised position will have a considerable impact on the day-to-day running of your company – so it’s vital to get the decision right.

At Oscar we specialise in recruiting for senior roles across the technology division for organisations of all sizes; either on a permanent or interim basis.

Our team provide a proactive, professional and discreet service to identify the perfect appointment to take your company forward.

Examples of Executive Search positions we recruit for:
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • Head of IT
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Production Manager

Why Use a Retained / Executive Search?

A Personal Service

Every client using the Oscar Retained Service is given their own dedicated personal Search Consultant who will provide a single point of contact throughout your recruitment journey.

Your Search Consultant will be a recruitment specialist, working closely with you to create a full brief of the technical knowledge, experience and personal qualities your ideal candidate must possess.

Behind the scenes the Recruitment Manager will be managing the resourcing team - aligning their targeting, resourcing strategy, assessing suitability and screening requirements and homing in on the right candidates for your role.


Do you have the time to sift through mountains of CVs, deliberate over shortlists, and interview potentially unsuitable candidates?

Our Executive Search Consultants will identify and extensively vet all potential candidates to present you with a shortlist of incredibly talented individuals who are interested in your role.

Your Search Consultant will work with you to create a planned timetable for your recruitment journey – giving you a clear plan of when interviews and feedback will take place, and when your candidate will be delivered.

Find the Right Candidate

When looking to fill an executive or highly skilled job role, many of your ideal candidates will already be employed by another company and may not be actively looking for a new position.

Headhunting senior employees from your competitors can result in negative PR if done badly. Our team are specially trained on how to approach passive candidates by taking emotion out of the equation and effectively selling the benefits of your role and company.

A Proven Approach

Recruitment may be a big task for you, but it’s an everyday job for us.

Our team of experts quickly identify what skills your ideal candidate will require and know exactly where to look in order to find them.

We’ll then conduct all the necessary referencing checks for you to make your recruitment process as seamless as possible.

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