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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017 - Key Findings

This year, over 64,000 developers from across the world, the largest group of respondents in Stack Overflow history, shared their experiences across the world of web development - from how they learn and level up, to what they look for in a new job, to their favourite coding languages.

Key findings from the survey included:

Gender Disparity

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There is still a dramatic disparity in tech among men and women, however the gap has lessened since 2016. 88.6% respondents of the survey this year were men, and 7.6% were female. 2.6% of respondents identified as other.

The gulf is slowing narrowing. In last year's survey, 6.6% of US respondents were women, compared to 10% in 2017.

Programming Experience


A common misconception about developers is that they've been programming from an early age, but the survey demonstrates a wide range of experience levels.

Out of professional developers, 11.3% got their first coding jobs within a year of first learning how to program and 36.9% learned to program between one and four years before beginning their careers as developers.

Job Hunting


Only 13.1% of developers are actively looking for a job, but 75.2% of developers are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

The survey also revealed that the majority of Developers scored their job satisfaction as between 7-8 our of ten (19.7% and 22.2% respectively. 1.2% scored themselves as 0 out of ten.)

What Developers Want

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Opportunities for professional development were cited as a priority when looking for a new job.

Compensation and benefits offered, the office environment and the languages, frameworks and technologies the developer would be working with made the top four priorities for job seekers.

The most valued job benefits for respondents related to mental and physical health. Vacation days (57%), remote options (53.3%) and health benefits (47.1%).

Annual bonuses, equipment, and subsidised meals also featured in the top ten.

Remote Work


Currently, 63.9% reported working remotely at least one day a month, and 11.1% say they're full-time remote or almost all the time.

Full time remote workers are also the most satisfied with their jobs, scoring on average 7.39 out of ten. Those who never work remotely were the unhappiest at 6.63 out of ten.

Developers in Russia, Brazil and Italy are the most likely to work remote full time.

Full Time v Freelance


The majority (70.3%) of developers surveyed said that they are employed full time, whilst 10.2% work as independent contractors, freelancers or are self-employed.

Just 10.8% of respondents were not employed.

Most Popular and Most Loved

For the fifth year in a row, JavaScript was the most commonly used programming language for Web Developers worldwide. SQL takes second place, and Java third.

Node.JS and Angular.JS continue to be the most commonly used technologies in this category.

Rust is named as the most loved language to use for the second year in a row, whilst Python shot to the top of the most wanted coding language - up from fourth last year.

React is the most loved framework among Developers, with Node.js named as the most wanted.


When it comes to salaries, DevOps and machine learning specialists tend to command the largest salaries, with averages around $60,215 and $57,000 respectively. Unsurprisingly, years of experience were correlated with salary.

Salaries vary significantly across the world. DevOps specialists in the US are paid an average of $100,000, whilst in the UK the average salary for the same role is $56,250.

In-Demand Skills

4.10 / 5

Respondents to the survey said good communication and a track record of getting things done were the most important skills employers should prioritise when recruiting and reviewing candidates.

To view the report in full, head over to: Stack Overflow Survey 2017


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