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Providing our candidates with an honest, transparent and effective recruitment experience is at the heart of everything we do at Oscar.

We value all feedback from clients and candidates about our services. If you would like to send a comment on your experience with us, please click here.

An Amazing Job!

A few weeks ago Jen unexpectedly called me asking if I was interested in a Xamarin Software Developer Role. The friendly, detailed way she introduced this job position resulted that I agreed to try.

She quickly arranged an interview date and called me to discuss my potential concerns. She did an amazing job helping me put everything together. All that cheering me up, text messages and calls, and even rescheduling my interview.

Without her involvement I would probably have failed. Thank you for all the hard work!

Simon, Software Developer

Recommend to Anyone

I'm not used to working with recruiters but I found working with Joe to be an extremely positive experience.

He was highly engaged at all times and communicated really effectively throughout the process, helping me to feel really well informed about how things were progressing. Joe was extremely supportive and spent time to ensure that the role I was applying for was the right fit for me (and vice versa).

He gave good advice on interview prep and seemed genuinely invested in my success. Joe conducted himself in a skillful, professional and ultimately successful manner throughout our dealings, with his help I was able to secure my ideal role within just a few weeks.

I'd highly recommend Joe to anyone.

Jonny, Java Developer

Likeable and Personable

Having dealt with several recruiters over the years, I can honestly say that Oliver was by far the easiest to deal with. Being a typical software developer I'm not overly keen on talking on the phone, but I warmed to Oliver very quickly and found him to be very easy to deal with, likeable and personable.

He also understood my situation very well and was able to help speed up the process with my preferred employer.

Christopher, Senior Software Developer

Found the perfect match for me

Emma is totally different from the usual "salesperson" recruitment agent. Her positive approach and her bubbly personality makes the whole process really smooth, but at the same time she's extremely professional.

She took the time to understand my skill set and my requirements and in no time she found the perfect match for me.

Filippo, iOS Developer

Professional and Passionate

Jay has been a supportive and passionate agent.

He has made himself available when I needed help and has shown he cares a lot about securing me a role which is right for me. I am incredibly happy with the outcome and it wouldn't have been possible without Jay's enthusiasm.

I would strongly recommend his service to anyone as I believe he has shown his capabilities to be professional and passionate.

John, BA Analyst

Professional with a warm approach

Colin is pretty much what you would imagine your dream recruitment agent to be like; extremely dedicated to your success and someone who goes beyond accommodating your needs, based on your circumstances. Professional and with a warm approach, Colin is a highly prized asset to Oscar Technology.

Lana, Digital Project Manager

Great to Work With a Friendly Recruiter

Melissa has been a great help through the whole recruitment process. I went from finding a job on my own to having the opportunity to curve the pathway for my whole career with the support that Melissa provided me.

I felt confident going into each interview she provided me with, and knew that there was no pressure from her to go into a role that didn't suit me. She talked me through the whole process and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for work in the Development Sector. There was no hard sell, it was just great to work with a friendly recruiter who has now landed me a great opportunity I can't wait to start!

Chris, IT Systems Support

Perfect professional

Lauren was the perfect professional during my most recent job hunt.

Within hours of contacting her we had set up a meeting to discuss possible role that would be suited to me.

From that point onwards Lauren was in touch nearly every day, updating me on progress with the roles, and dropping me over any new job specs she thought I might be interested in. When the time comes to move on again, Lauren will be the first person I contact without a doubt.

Matt, Android Developer

Absolutely Outstanding

I cannot find a single bad thing to say about Oscar Tech. The entire process, from being contacted about an opening to the follow up call, was absolutely outstanding. It was efficient and courteous and I was left with the impression that Oscar is an extremely professional, well-conducted recruitment agency with competent, friendly staff.

Christopher, Developer