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The Top Ten Workplace Perks Jobseekers Want to See in 2017

With lifestyles and family patterns changing, and developments in technology allowing for more flexible working, companies are now able to offer more varied benefits to employees than ever before.

In one quick scroll of LinkedIn you are likely to see a range of innovative workplace perks – from cute dogs, to beautifully decorated office environments. From a good old fashioned Friday beer fridge, to an actual bar within the building!

These workplace rewards are now a key decision-making factor when choosing a new job - and this is never more pertinent than in the IT / Technology sector.

Here’s one reason why.

In a recent REC survey*, employers identified Engineering and Technical job functions as the number one area where they expect to find a skills shortage in 2017.

As a result, organisations are having to offer more than just a competitive salary in order to attract the best candidates on the market.

Lad Bible / Social Chain benefits Social media agencies have often been at the forefront of employee perks. The LADBible's London office has its own bar, while Manchester-based Social Chain offer you the chance to work with these handsome critters.

So what are the most attractive workplace benefits?

According to a recent survey by job site Indeed**, here are the top ten for jobseekers in the UK.

As you may expect, a good pay package remains top of the list, but perks such as flexible and remote working are becoming increasingly prevalent.

In Tech sector benefits such as these are becoming increasingly commonplace. In 2016, 29% of Software Developers worked remotely at least part time, up 21% on the previous year.

As Technology Recruiters we are certainly seeing the demand for these benefits first hand, with clients offering a range of unique benefits to ensure their vacancies attract the market’s best talent.

Indeed, some candidates will only consider jobs which offer flexible and / or remote working opportunities.

As the competition for IT talent heats up and new technology continues to make workforce mobilisation easier and more affordable than ever before, have we seen the end of the traditional 9-5 office job?

* REC Jobs Outlook, December 2016
**Source: Indeed survey conducted by Harris Poll (Base=Employed or not employed but looking, n=1,270)


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