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    Five famous women in tech you’ve never heard of

    Leilani Janchote

    There are many women in tech that have never been heard of. Did you know that the world’s first computer programmer was actually a woman? 

    Throughout history, women have been responsible for making incredible discoveries that have transformed the technology and mathematics worlds. 

    As a specialist IT recruitment agency, many of our clients ask us how they can attract more women to join their tech teams, however, there’s still a significant gender gap when it comes to women in the industry. 

    Many influential women in tech have not received the recognition nor the appreciation that their achievements deserve. We’re celebrating the women who have achieved some of the most amazing breakthroughs in the tech industry.

    Here are five of some of the most famous women in tech: 

    1. Ada Lovelace: Considered to be the first computer programmer, Lovelace worked with Charles Babbage who invented the ‘Analytical Engine’. Her mathematical talent and skills shone, and though the device was never created, it resembled elements of the modern-day computer. Even Alan Turing took Lovelace’s notes as a form of inspo for his work in the 1940s. 
    2. Annie Easley: Easley was one of the only four black employees working for NASA. She is most known for creating a code that was used to analyse energy choices and eventually led to the development of the first hybrid cars.
    3. Katherine Johnson: Also working for NASA, Johnson played a key role in launching the first astronauts into space. Johnson researched the application of geometry to space flight. She calculated how the spaceship would orbit Earth and land on the Moon.
    4. Kimberly Bryant: The founder and CEO of Black Girls Code, Bryant created her business for her daughter, as she struggled to find a diverse computer programming course for her. The non-profit organisation has the mission of teaching 1 million girls of colour to code by 2040
    5. Leanne Pittsford: Pittsford is a San Francisco based tech entrepreneur who noticed that many LGBTQ+ tech networking events were all catered toward gay men. She organised a series of events for lesbians, which then developed into her company, Lesbians in Tech

    Women have pioneered many momentous technological achievements throughout history. However, organisations need to do more to further encourage women to join the industry and actively promote their successes, read our blog on how we can advocate for more women in tech.

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