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    Here are five reasons why tech companies should hire graduates.

    Leilani Janchote

    With the change in legislations, international students can now stay longer in the UK and will be able to apply for a post-study work visa via the Graduate Route UK beginning 1 July 2021, helping to keep the greatest students to contribute to society and the economy. 

    International students must complete a bachelor’s degree or higher from a UK university to be eligible for a post study work visa. Applicants for the Graduate Route UK don’t need a job offer and the government has also extended the time limit for international students to join the UK. 
    To find out more info for this scheme click here!

    Now, why is this important? Technology graduates are the upcoming future for businesses, providing insights that prove useful for improving, succeeding and keeping your business on top. Here are the 5 top reasons you should hire graduates!

    5 reasons why you should hire technology graduates.

    • Graduates are eager to learn and advance in their careers: According to recent statistics, Millennials will be the first generation to earn less than their parents, so working hard to impress will be more vital than ever before.
    • Increased ROI: Graduates bring around £1 billion to the UK economy each year and graduate retention rates are high, according to ISE.
    • New perspectives: Grads bring a fresh perspective that is still steeped in theory, making them more inclined to propose alternate working methods.
    • Diversify the workplace: Teams with a range of ages are more creative and productive. A multigenerational workforce, according to 89 percent of talent professionals, makes a company more successful.
    • Solid Skills: Technology graduates gain fundamental transferable abilities such as written and spoken communication, problem solving, teamwork, presentation, organisation, key knowledge of industry specific systems and data analysis from their studies.


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